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Steam Fish


Fresh Fish                                              1  (about 800g)
Ginger Shred                                                adequate
Shallot                                                            adequate
Cilantro                                                         adequate
Sesame Oil                                                  1 tsp.
Viet Huong Premium Fish Sauce             4 tsp. 



  1. Marinade the fresh fish with 4 tbsps Viet Huong Premium Fish Sauce for 20 minutes. Drain the fish then transfer it to another plate.

  2. Top with ginger shred, scallion and alantro stalks Heat up the boiling water in a steamer, then transfer the fish into it.

  3. Add l tsp sesame oil and 3 tbsps Viet Huong Premium Fish Sauce and steam for 10 minutes.


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