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Tomato, Potato with

Pork Bones Soup


Tomato                                                      6 pcs.
Potato (cut in piece)                               2 pcs.
Carrots (cut in piece)                              1 pcs.
Pork Bones                                                500 g

Water                                                         8 bowl
Viet Huong Premium Fish Sauce         3 tsp.


  1. Remove Tomato stem and cut it. Potato and Carrots need a rinse and cut it into pieces.

  2. Wash and clean away the pig bone, put it into boiled water and get rid of its fishy smell, turn slow fire to cook 30mins.​

  3. Put the rest of ingredients into a pot and cook 1.5hour, added some the priority brand of fish-sauce to it as seasoning.​​​​​


Warm Reminder:

if you don't want to cook potato into a paste, suggest that don't cut the potato into small piece, and put the tomato into pot 20 minutes after put potato into a pot.

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