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Steamed Meat Patty with Salted Eggs


Pork Jowl (minced)               250 g 

Black Fungus (sliced)           10 g

Salted Egg Yolk                      1-2 pcs.


Viet Huong Premium Fish Sauce         3/2 spoon

Oyster Sauce                                            1/2 spoon

Salted Egg Yolk                                         adequate

Corn Starch                                               2 tsp.

Water                                                          3 spoon


  1. Mix pork jowl, black fungus with sauce in a big bowl. Flog the mixture with your hand 6 times in clockwise. Then place the mixture on a plate, put a salted egg yolk on top.

  2. Steam the meat patty for 10 minutes with high heat.   

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