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Pan-Fried Chicken Wings


Chicken Wings                    500 g (around 12pcs.)
Oil                                          1 spoon

Seasoning (about 30mintues):

Viet Huong Premium Fish Sauce          4 spoon
 Shaoxing Rice Wine                                 1/2 Spoon


  1. Mix Viet Huong Premium Fish Sauce and Shaoxing Rice Wine to marinade the Chicken Wings about 30 minutes. Then put them to the freezer about 30 minutes too. 

  2. Take out Chicken Wings from the freezer and  unfreeze them for 10 mintues. Also, drain the Chicken Wings and  pour out  surplus sauce.

  3. Pour oil to the pan and heat it. Then turn to middle heat until frying the both sides of Chicken Wings turning to brown color. (Around fried 4 mintues / 1 pcs. )

  4. Fry the chicken wings until it well-done.


You can use a toothpick to test the chicken wings that they are well-done or not. (If the skin stick on the toothpick, then they are not cooked thoroughly. )


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