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Shredded Chicken Salad

(for 4 persons)

Chicken                                    3 pcs.
Red Pepper                             1/2 pcs. (slice)
Yellow Pepper                         1/2 pcs. (slice)
Red Onion                               1/2 pcs. (slice)
Carrot                                       1/2 pcs. (slice)
Mini Tomato                             100 g
Cucumber                                1/2 pcs. (slice)
Lettuce                                     1 pcs.
Black Sesame                          1 spoon
White Sesame                         1 spoon

Salad Sauce:

Viet Huong "Flying Lion" Fish Sauce          3 spoon
Warm Water                                                   3/2 spoon
Brown Sugar                                                   3/2 spoon

Vinegar                                                            5.2 tsp.
Extra Crude Olives Oil                                 
2 tsp.
Black Pepper Powder                             
      1/4 tsp.

Steps for Cooking Chicken:

  1. Put 900 ml water,4 soupspoon-fish-sauce of the brand of fly-lion and 2 piece of ginger cut into piece with chicken into the pot, turn big fire to cooking about 15mins until it done, picked it up and torn by hand.

Steps for Salad Sauce:

  1. Put the lettuce, red pepper, yellow pepper , red onion and cucumber into the bow.

  2. Put the cooked shredded chicken torn by hand ,fish-sauce and salad-sauce to it and stir it up evenly, sprinkle some sesame.


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