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Chinese Style Steamed Egg


Egg                                                   2 pcs.
Water                                               100 g
Viet Huong Fish Sauce                 1 spoon

Flavour (choice)

Pork Dice
Crab Stick
Dried Shrimp


  1. Break egg into a bowl, gently mix well with chopsticks.

  2. Add water and Viet Huong Fish Sauce into the egg, mix well.

  3. Pour the mixture into a container by a funnel. 

  4. Boil the water. Place a shelf in the middle of the water.

  5. Place the mixture with contain on the shelf. Cover and steam about 15 minutes with low heat.

Warm Reminder:

Cover the egg well while steaming, it could avoid unnecessary water get inside the egg.

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