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Chinese Cabbage with Dried Shrimps & Mud Carp


Cabbage                                                 500 g
Mud Isinglass                                         200 g
Dried Shrimp                                         50~100 g
Garlic                                                       1 pcs.
Ginger                                                     6 pcs.
Chopped Green Onion                        2 spoon


White Pepper Powder             adequate
Tangerine Peel                          adeqaute

                                               (mix with mud isinglass)



Viet Huong Premium Fish Sauce             2 spoon
Soup                                                               3/4 cup
Oyster Sauce                                                1 tsp.
Sugar                                                              1/2 spoon
Sesame                                                          adequate
White Pepper Powder                                adequate


  1. Wash and clean the cabbage, cut into section, take dried shrimp put into water soak 10 minutes, put it into pot and slow fire fried.

  2. Mud isinglass and Marinade mix to stir ,put it into pot and fried until it smelling ,and then cut piece of spare.

  3. Put garlic, ginger into pot and fried until it smelling, added some mud isinglass fried until it turn golden yellow, and then pour over spirit and turn slow fire to steam 2mins until tasty.

  4. Put dried shrimp and cabbage into pot, added some sauce and turn slow fire to cooked 4 minutes, take some water and corn-starch mix to baked 1 minutes.

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