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Crispy Shrimp Salad with Fish Sauce (for 4 persons)


Shrimp (remove shell)                 450 g
Red Pepper (sliced)                     1/2 pcs.
Yellow Pepper  (sliced)                1/2 pcs.
Red Onion (sliced)                       1/2 pcs.

Carrot (sliced)                               1/2 pcs.
Garlic                                              40 g
Cucumber (sliced)                        1/2 pcs.
Lettuce                                            1 pcs. 
Sativum (cut in 3 parts)               2 pcs.
Nuts                                                50 g


Salad Sauce:

Viet Huong "Flying Lion" Fish Sauce         3 spoon
Warm Water                                                  1½ spoon
Brown Sugar                                                  1½ spoon
Lemon                                                             1/2 pcs.
Rice Vinegar                                                  2½ tsp.
100% Pure Olive Oil                                    2 tsp.
Black Pepper Powder                                   ¼ tsp.



  1. Apply adequate of corn starch on shrimp.

  2. Heat up oil which enough to fry the shrimp. Sauté 20g of chopped garlic first, pick up. Then half-fry the shrimp until half done.

  3. Drain unnecessary oil, sauté the other 20g of chopped garlic and put back the shrimp. Add sauce(Viet Huong "Flying Lion" Fish Sauce 2tsp, Brown Sugar 1/2tsp, Water 1spoon) mix well.

Steps for Salad:

  1. Put lettuce, red pepper, yellow pepper, red onion, carrots and cucumber together in a bowl.

  2. Put cooked shrimp on top, mix well with salad sauce. Top with sativum and nuts.

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