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Chaozhou Style Oyster Omelette


Fresh Oyster                            1/2 catty

Potato Starch                           5 tsp.

Plain Flour                                 2 tsp.

Water                                         100 ml

Corianders                                 3 tree

Shallot                                         1  tree

Duck Egg                                   3 pcs.

Corn Starch                               3 spoon



Viet Huong "Flying Lion" Fish Sauce           1.5 spoon

Salt                                                                     1/4 tsp.

White Pepper Powder                                    adequate



  1. Cut 2/3 of coriander and keep 1/3. Dice the shallot.

  2. Gently clean and remove impurity of the oysters by using corn starch.

  3. Gently rinse the oyster with water.

  4. Mix the potato starch and plain flour. Then, add water and mix it into paste. Break and blend the duck eggs.

  5. Blend the yolk liquid and paste together.

  6. Put the corianders and green onions together with the seasoning, then mix them with the paste.

  7. Add the oyster into the paste and mix it gently.

  8. Cook the oyster paste with half- fry style. Cook it until the paste side are crispy would be the best.

  9. Finally, you can flavor the Oyster Omelette with fish sauce and topping with corianders.

Warm Reminder:

Viet Huong and Oyster are the best match! It could combat the unpleasant smell of oysters, also enhance the delicate of it.

Before you cook the oyster omelette, make sure it is boiling oil.


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