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Shredded Chicken and Pomelo Salad


Pomelo                                    450 g

Red Onion                              1/2pcs.

Dried Shallot Bulb                 1 pcs.

Roasted Cashew Nut           15 pcs.

Cherry Tomato                      8 pcs.

Chicken thigh                         250 g

Green Cucumber                  1/2pcs. (shred)

Carrot                                      1/2pcs. (shred)

Thai Basil                                  10 pcs.

Salad Sauce:

Lime Juice (or Lemon Juice)             1 spoon

Sugar                                                     1 spoon

Viet Huong Premium Fish Sauce    3 spoon

Chopped  Red Chilli                           1 pcs

Chopped Garlic                                   1 pcs.


  1. Steam Chicken thigh  15 mintues with high heat.

  2. Use stick to break the Roasted Cashew Nut .

  3. Shred the Red Onion and Dried Shallot Bulb, chop the Garlic to be paste.

  4. Chop the every Cherry Tomato to be 4 pcs, use hands to tear the Pomelo to be small pcs. .

  5. Put above ingredients into a big bowl and sit.

  6. When Chicken thigh was cool down, slice it and put it back to the big bowl.

  7. Mix the Salad  Sauce into all ingredient

  8. Shredded Chicken and Pomelo Salad was DONE!


Freeze the Salad  Sauce first, it is will be more taste!


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