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Carrot Corn Soup with Pork Shark


Red Carrot                    400 g

White Carrot                200 g

Pork Shank                    300 g (drain)

Sweet Dates                  2 pcs.

Corn                               2 pcs.


Viet Huong "Flying Lion" Fish Sauce          1 spoon


  1. Remove the coat of corns, wash it and chop in pieces.

  2. Remove skin of carrots, wash it and chop in pieces.

  3. Boil 12 bowl of water, add the drained pork shank with sweet dates. Cook it for 30 minutes with high heat.

  4. Change to medium heat for 30 minutes. Then, add corn and carrots, cook another hour. Add spice at the last and DONE!

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