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Cabbage Wrapped with Pork


Most of the food will be more meaty and fewer vegetables if you eat in outside. When you are eating at home, it's time to cook a new and hearty home-cooked dish! Fish sauce can be heard more, how do you cook with Fish sauce? In fact, the meats can be seasoned with the fish sauce. That can eliminate the smell of snow and Improve umami scope. This time, we will use Viet Huong fish sauce to marinate the pork, and then add other fillings, and then use the cabbage leaves to wrap it and steamed. If you are like the thicker fish scent, friends can use the more "Three Crabs Brand" fish sauce!

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Viet Huong Three Crabs Brand Fish Sauce 越香三蟹嘜頭遍魚露 (Official)


[Source:Cook1Cook Facebook & Imstagram]

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